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Richard Evans - Atherstone GB (30.09.2013 (20:32:45))
F-RS Shock for Yamaha XT1200Z 2011 Yes No Current Mileage 10500 miles
Street Touring: - Up to 600miles in a day: 80% of time 2 up:.
After nearly two years the performance from the O.E. Yamaha rear shock absorber appeared to be “fading”.Efforts were made to “adjust” the problem out by increasing the preload & rebound settings.The increased preload reduced the front end instability.Rebound adjustment went to the final “click”; - well beyond Yamaha recommendations .The ride was firm some “wallowing ” was still apparent & there was “tram lining” (on new tyres) on our less than smooth British roads!
Having been used to the need for such regular suspension re-setting using a hydraulic preload adjuster, I was convinced that such a feature would be a necessity: - Wrong! Good suspension will require less adjustment.Installation quite straightforward if the Yacugar instructions are used in conjunction with a Yamaha workshop manual. The Yacugar component build quality, dimensions of the body & spindle, & gauge of the spring all suggested that a significant performance improvement would be enjoyed. Time was taken to measure Yamaha standard & Yacugar default settings as shown below. These explain a lot! My view was the improved stability, better “feel” from the rear tyre, elimination of wallowing, especially under braking, of an all round improvement in performance, accompanied by an immediate impression of money well spent.
Static Sag ----- 40mm-----20mm
Rider Sag--------65mm-----45mm
Two very satisfied customers

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