Shock Options

A Yacugar shock is not a mass produced article. It is a product that is built to the individual preferences of our clients.

For your tailor made shock we offer you standard choises and options.

(the application list shows if the option is available for your shock/bike combination)


the options
•  Linear spring 
•  Progressive spring 
•  Rider weight adaption - solo - duo - luggage (60-95kg = standard)
•  Extra heavy duty spring
•  Length adjuster  +/- 2,5mm 
•  Hydraulic preload adjuster  
•  Preparation to re use your OEM preload adjuster  
•  Race settings + linear spring (not on E-RS shock) 
•  Riding height change  (-40mm / + 20mm )

spring-progr lin

  choose your

  linear spring or

  progressive spring

 (standard is progressive)            

                     length adjuster

                    + 2,5mm / - 2,5mm

shock la srr detail small
option preload 1

   hydraulic preload adjuster

   adjustment range 10mm
  (9mm with a heavy spring)

            weight adaption

            solo - duo - duo luggage

options bmw duo
mike-race color

   race settings + linear spring

   (not E-RS)

                 extra  heavy duty spring 2b-running2